Inner Radiance Coaching – Vision Quest

Long ago and far away, a female child was born. At that time, humankind had not yet learned to recognize the worth of the feminine. Her life was challenging but she was strong. As were all females of that time, she was conditioned to hide her natural energy. As she grew into a woman and set out to explore the world she encountered many obstacles and injustices. She learned to make her way but never felt completely fulfilled.


As time went by the woman became restless with the old ways and could no longer tolerate suppressing her true nature. Throughout her life the lady knew that deep inside shone a light. She determined it was time to clear away the cobwebs that for too long dimmed her brightness. She set out to find her true self and to allow her inner radiance to be seen by one and all.


This is the story of the woman’s journey as she fought bravely for herself. Against all odds she eventually learned to show her true self to all humanity. As a result of her explorations she amassed knowledge and techniques to allow her hidden self out. She knew there were many like her. Therefore, the lady vowed to teach others what she had learned. Her driving force is that her adventures created a passion within her that all women would become comfortable showing their true nature to the world.

Welcome to Inner Radiance Coaching

Hello, I am Julie Holly and I'll be your host.  This is our story as women. Many of us have moved forward and are living our lives as our true selves. Many more have not yet completed that journey and it is for these women that Inner Radiance Coaching came into existence. We exist to provide support, encouragement and connection as you adventure on in pursuit of your natural truth



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