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Julie Holly

Start Living the Life You Want for Yourself.

Finally, It’s Your Turn!

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What Can Life Coaching Do For You?

Create A Clear Roadmap – Develop your vision for what you want.

Stop Second Guessing Yourself – Send your Inner Critic on her way by getting in tune with who you really are.

Make Peace with Challenges – Determine why they show up and how you can use them to your advantage.

Create Nurturing Connections – Set healthy boundaries, let go of toxic relationships and put you in charge of your emotions.


Sometimes life can feel like a fight – and just like that fighter in the ring – you want someone in your corner urging you along to be your best and do your best – a non-judgmental voice. Julie can be that for you.”                  – Susan C.



Best Profile Pic
Julie Holly

I specialize in taking a holistic approach to putting things in balance and getting you in control of how you live.

I’ll show you how to make your life your own and let go of old habits and thought processes that have been holding you back.

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