How to Pivot When You Feel Powerless

Pivot from powerless to powerful

by Julie Holly, Life Vision & Empowerment Coach“I feel so powerless.”  When I heard those words come out of her mouth, I knew we had gotten to the core of what she had been struggling with.  She had worked for years as a legal secretary in an industry that can suck the life out of […]

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Build A Bridge and Get Over It

Anger As A Bridge To Power

How to Use Anger as a Bridge to Your Powerby​Julie HollyLife Vision & Empowerment CoachHow often have you been “fine” lately?  It’s funny how many women are “fine”.  Being a woman, I’ve used that descriptor more than once (a day) in my lifetime.  If you’re a woman reading this, no explanation necessary.  If you’re a […]

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Change for a dollar

​​Written for Tidewater Women Magazine ​Published August 30, 2017“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret MeadThese days the dollar doesn’t go very far.  But Taylor Swift just increased its value exponentially.  What this young super star did for women […]

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How To Face Your Deepest Fear

You may be familiar with this quote from Marianne Williamson:“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure… Your playing small does not serve the world…”​I speak with many women who don’t trust themselves when it comes to making a decision regardless of what the […]

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Are Your Choices Scaring You?


​What choices have you made lately that caused you to stop in your tracks and doubt your sanity for having made them? I can think of a few that made me and/or someone else wonder. Years ago, I chose to leave the security of my marriage and my hometown and move to Florida with no […]

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You Have The Right To Be Accepted As You Are

We're all different. Be accepted as you are.

​Originally published July 27, 2016 on Linkedin5th in a 10 part seriesHave you looked at your Facebook account lately? I recently made the mistake of opening my Facebook account shortly after meditating. Let’s just say that was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. What hit me in the face was yet another person ranting […]

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How To Express Yourself In Your Own Way

Freely express yourself

​Originally published July 21, 2016 on Linkedin4th in a 10 part seriesFrom The (Secretly) Authentic Person’s New Bill of Rights3) You have the right to express yourself in your own way. Whether that means how you dress, speak, act, wear your hair, sing (even off key), dance (even like Carlton), etc.I love to see a […]

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You Have The Right To Be Heard

be heard

Originally published July 13, 2016 on Linkedin3rd in a 10 part seriesFrom: The (Secretly) Authentic Person’s New Bill of Rights2) You have the right to be heard. Your idea or opinion is just as valid as the next person’s. You may just have the idea that will solve the problem at hand.How often have you […]

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