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Coaching professional women to use your overwhelm and challenges to rise to the next level.

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What I Do

I work with rising stars who exhibit excellent potential and demonstrate remarkable talent but you feel stalled in your career or you feel like a fraud in your position. By providing tools and insights into your human reactions and how they’re holding you back, you learn to manage your triggers so you can move to the next level.  

With an almost 50-year history of working for other people, I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’ve learned a lot from them. Some of my best teachers were managers who showed me what NOT to do. 

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve learned that while the surface stuff matters, what’s happening below the surface matters more. I’ve developed a four-step program that uncovers the clutter beneath the surface, helps you put it in perspective and use it to your advantage. In short, I know how to make all the crap in your life work for you.


Why it matters

 According to scientific research, we only use about 5% of our conscious mind. The other 95% - your beliefs, attitudes, habits, how you relate to your world - is buried in your subconscious. It’s lurking beneath the surface and it colors your thought process, the stories you tell yourself and your responses to various triggers. By cultivating a more active awareness of what’s happening subconsciously, you’ll develop the tools you need to make a change and more effectively go after what you want. 


Results you can achieve

· A clear picture of what you really want

· A better understanding of what triggers your reactions

· Greater control in your responses

· More ease in your relationships

· A stronger connection with yourself and with the people who are important to you.

Why I do this –   

I’ve been where you are. I held myself back because I didn’t have the awareness of how I was getting in my way in some cases. In others, I didn’t have the courage to speak my mind and to say what I had every right to say. I spent too much time not believing in myself and not standing up for myself. I figured it out and now I feel free to be who I am in every situation. And that’s a feeling every woman deserves to know.  I want that for you.

Personal Growth requires a personal touch

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