Julie Holly – Coaching Women

Why Do I Do What I Do?

I was recently asked why I was drawn to coaching women. When I thought about it, I found myself looking back at history; mine, my mother’s and women in general. We all know the story. Women have been undervalued for far too long.

The Back Story


For much of my life I felt worthless. From the outside, I appeared to be doing okay. As a student, I did well in school. At 16 I began working a job after school and was able to save enough to pay for a vacation in the Bahamas. (In those days that vacation wasn’t terribly expensive.) Throughout my adult life I always held a job. I advanced through the ranks and eventually ended up in management despite my lack of a college degree. For all intents and purposes, I was successful.

But on the inside, there was a much different story going on. I had no self-confidence, no self-love and no self-worth. I held myself back from enjoying life. I avoided taking risks, especially in social situations. Most often, I did what I thought other people expected me to do. Because of my low self-esteem and lack of ability to effectively communicate, I spent 12 years in a marriage where I became progressively unhappy. When the day came that I finally voiced my need to leave, he was shocked that I was unhappy. I was shocked that he thought I was happy. In his defense, I never told him, so how could he have known.

Thus began my journey to finding my voice and my inner strength. It was a long and arduous trek which took me through my “dark night of the soul" and spit me out the other side a totally different person. Today, I’m happy to say, I speak my mind with confidence and I don’t hesitate to negotiate when I don’t agree with another person’s choices that will affect me. Most importantly, I finally know what joy feels like.

Why I'm Coaching Women

So, why was I drawn to coaching women? Over time, I’ve met many women who regularly express self-doubt and fear. In speaking with these women I’ve realized they self-judge and question their abilities as their default. Like I used to, they hesitate to live their lives for themselves. Because I’ve learned it is possible to be free from these barriers to joy, I felt called to work with women who are ready to take charge and live life on their own terms.

​The Possibility of Flight

If you are someone who is ready to step out of your comfort zone and create your ideal life, I’d love to work with you. Through my experience, I’ve identified three areas where we tend to hold ourselves back:

  • Trusting ourselves to make the right choices
  • Setting healthy boundaries that honor our needs
  • Confidently managing conflict

I’ve developed a program that focuses on working through these three challenges. I believe once you have these under control, you can tackle anything life has to offer.

My life’s message is “don’t be afraid to be you”. As a Life Vision and Empowerment Coach, my mission is to spread that message and to teach what I’ve learned. My wish for you is to have a life filled with confidence, laughter, fun, freedom and above all, love.

Despite her fears, she found the secret to an outstanding life is risking the fall for the possibility of flight.” ― Kyra Jackson

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