The Four Foundations

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Julie Holly, Life Coach

We humans are greatly influenced by four basic components which form the foundation for who we are.  These are Vision,  Inner Self,  Experience  and  Connections.

If any one of these foundational elements is out of whack, it can throw you off.  I’ve developed some tools and programs that focus on strengthening each aspect.  You may not need to work on all areas so I offer flexibility to suit your individuality.

Before deciding anything, though, let’s connect to be sure this is right for you.  Set up a connection call so we can explore where you are, where you want to be and how I can help you strengthen your foundation.

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The Four Foundations of Self Development


You have a desire to be happy.  You need certain conditions to be present to allow that happiness.  Having a crystal-clear vision, including as much detail as possible, offers a better chance of making that happen.

Your vision is the driving force that provides a roadmap to what you want.  Like any map there are different options on the way and any turn will take you to a new adventure or experience.  All roads will lead to what you want.  Whether you take the direct route or the scenic one, you’ll get there eventually.  The fun thing is you get to choose. The direction you choose will determine when and how you get there.

I will travel with you and raise awareness of old habits and possible obstacles that may be getting in your way.  With my guidance, you’ll decide how you want to respond to those bumps in the road and you’ll draw your own unique map.

Inner Self

Your inner self is your constant companion.  How do you get along with her?  Is she supportive or critical?  Strengthening your relationship with your inner self is important to creating the life you want for yourself.

Your inner self is the navigator or GPS.  It could keep you on track all the way to your destination or it could lead you to someplace else unintended.  It could drop you in the middle of nowhere or be perfectly accurate.  As with any GPS system, you need to be aware so you can take control when necessary and allow the flow when things go smoothly.

I will teach you techniques to raise your awareness and to align your inner voice with your vision, thereby making your journey smoother.


Your life experiences and how you’ve responded to them have shaped who you are currently.  What happens to you throughout your life has an effect on who you are.  It starts at birth and continues through life to death.  How you respond to various events can make the difference in whether you become a victim or actively create the life you want.

It’s easy to blame other people when things don’t go well, but at some point, your choices contributed to your current circumstance.  If life is not yet where you want it to be, it’s time to make different choices.  And that’s where I can help guide you.

We’ll take a look at different events and how you responded to them.  We’ll explore possible alternative responses.  You’ll learn how to make choices that are healthier for you and that honor your needs.  Then we’ll work on effectively implementing those new choices.


Human connection feeds the spirit and is vital to your development and your happiness.  By creating healthy boundaries, you can be sure to eliminate toxic relationships and allow only nurturing people in.

The connections you make with other people and the quality of those connections can make the difference between whether you isolate or socialize.  Finding just the right balance for you is essential for positive growth and sustainable thriving.

Together we’ll look at your current relationships on all levels and we’ll find what works and what doesn’t work for you.  You probably already have an idea on that.  You’ll learn to nourish those relationships that are healthy and to let go of those that are not.

“We are always a work in progress as life changes and shifts us into new directions or new ways of thinking . . . I was seeking to identify skills to add to my “tool box” if you will, to identify new and more powerful ways of thinking, to increase my ability to self-observe my behavior, how I react when my buttons get pushed and to consider a better way to react or deal with things – or to include the option – “not to react”. . . Sometimes life can feel like a fight – and just like that fighter in the ring – you want someone in your corner urging you along to be your best and do your best – a non-judgmental voice. Julie can be that for you.”                  – Susan C.