Create Your Path To Freedom Program

As women raised in the 20th century, most of us were taught to believe we were less than.  Our path to freedom was do what we’re told and defer to others.  This was not an intentional message on the part of those who raised us.  It was the result of centuries of conditioning.

The Create Your Path To Freedom Program is a six week on-line course based on what I call the Four Foundations of Self Development.  We are all a product of what we’ve experienced and how we’ve allowed it to affect us.  Because of the “less than” conditioning so prevalent in your upbringing, you may not have developed the tools you need to let go of the angst that is your almost constant companion.

The Course

The Create Your Path To Freedom Program is designed to provide you with those tools and to lead you to the feeling of freedom to be yourself in all areas of your life that you so richly deserve.

In this course you’ll focus on your:

Vision – Your vision is the driving force that provides a roadmap to what you want.  In this course you’ll focus on clarifying what you need to make you happy.

Inner Self – Your inner self is the navigator or GPS on your journey.  How do you relate to your inner voice?  Is it encouraging or judgemental?  In this course you’ll learn to strengthen your relationship with your inner self so you can face any roadblocks with courage as you create the life you want.

Experience – Throughout your life certain events took place that have shaped who you are now.  How you respond to various events can make the difference in whether you become a victim or actively create the life you want.  In this course you’ll look at choices you’ve made, how they’ve contributed to your current circumstance and learn to make different choices to get you closer to where you want to be.

Connection – Human connection feeds the spirit and is vital to your development and your happiness.  Do you have nourishing people in your life?  How do you relate to toxic people?   You’ll focus on creating healthy boundaries so you can be sure to eliminate toxic relationships and allow only nurturing people in.

So, Here’s The Deal:

You’re an intelligent, accomplished professional woman.  In most scenarios, both at work and at home, you can run rings around anyone who shows up in your world.


BUT . . . there are certain people in your life who know exactly what buttons to push to trigger your emotions.  They know exactly how to get under your skin and make you feel like an insecure little girl to get you to go along with what they want.  It could be your mother, your significant other or a neighbor who rubs you the wrong way.

Whoever that is for you, he or she knows exactly what your emotional triggers are and they don’t hesitate to use them.  Once you’ve been triggered, the adult you loses all confidence and wants to hide under a rock. You know you’re better than that but you don’t quite know how to get out from under that rock.

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Julie Holly, Life Coach

I guide women to uncover what they don’t know is holding them back from having the life they want and then to create a plan to do something about it.

I’ve been where you are and I know how it feels.  With this program, you’ll discover which of the four foundations is out of whack and how to bring it (or them) back into alignment.


With my six week Create Your Path to Freedom Program, you’ll:


uncover what you didn’t know was holding you back.

build your personalized roadmap to get where you want to go

develop the tools that work for you to thwart the button pushers


You’ll come away with everything you need to dismantle the emotional buttons.  You’ll learn to confidently meet people where they are without allowing them to affect where you are.

What’s Included:

  • 6 weekly modules which take a deep look at each foundation
  • Exercises to work with your own personal experiences
  • 1 group coaching call
  • 1 individual coaching call
  • Workbook to walk you through the material
  • Private Facebook Group only for students of this course.



There are all kinds of people providing information on what “you need to” do. But yeah, you already know that.

What you’re not seeing is HOW to do it.

The How To is what you’ll find here.

This is the program you’ve been looking for.

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