What Others Are Saying . . .

FROM CHRISTINE J.        "When I first started working with Julie I felt lost. I had forgotten who I was, what I wanted out of life, and had completely lost my motivation to find the answers. . . Somewhere along the way I had lost my point of view and sense of self. After only three short months of coaching with Julie I feel like I found that again. What I gained most from our work was a new perspective. With Julie's guidance, I have been able to reconnect with myself and find my motivation again. Julie was always incredibly understanding and flexible. She used methods that work with the way I think and feel. I would highly recommend working with Julie. She is a caring individual who is focused on getting you where you want to go, even if you don't quite know where that is yet."

FROM KRISTA K.       "Julie Holly has been a catalyst for my continued growth . . .  I learned to gain a better sense of trust in myself while learning how to better manage situations and create achievable outcomes for a community action project.  

. . .  At first, I was frustrated, because I wanted her to give me all of the answers but as time went on she helped me develop the skills to trust myself to create a plan and determine the outcomes. . .

I appreciate Julie Holly's ability to give me her undivided and focused attention which helped me grow to understand myself better and trust in my ability to create a successful project. Working with a coach like Julie was extremely valuable to my development in this project and in life. I look forward to working with Julie again in the future and very much appreciate her support."

FROM KAREN B.    "Julie and I talked when I was at a low point at my job. It just wasn't serving me anymore and I felt actual dread going to work. Julie guided me through my feelings and what was at their core. She asked thought provoking questions prompting me to really examine where my dread was coming from. Julie gave me solid suggestions that I could implement immediately. She listened closely and helped me get to the root of feelings that did not serve me."

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